Catering Payment


Served with miso soup and choice of white or brown rice.


TERIYAKI ▪ Broiled with honeyed teriyaki sauce
Choice of : Beef, Salmon, Chicken, Tofu

Choice of : Shrimp, Vegetarian or Combination  

DONBURI ▪ Over rice with honeyed teriyaki OR spicy sauce
Choice of : Salmon, Washugyu Yakiniku, OR Chicken   

CHILEAN SEA BASS ▪ Broiled with choice of spicy sauce OR honey teriyaki      

CHICKEN CUTLET ▪ Deep fried breaded chicken with Tonkatsu & Japanese mustard

UNA-JYU ▪ Broiled eel over a bed of rice        

SIZZLING VEGETABLE SEN-NIN ▪  Sautéed assorted seasonal vegetables with fried OR steamed tofu